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Michael Pattie, 57, from Dumfries

Dance partner: Aliona Vilani

Michael Pattie and Aliona Vilani

Michael lost his 13-year-old son, Dave, to meningitis. Michael has since raised more than £300,000 for charity, including the Meningitis Research Foundation, some of which has contributed towards the development of a ground-breaking meningitis B vaccine available on the NHS.

Michael said: “My motivation is a) to do all I can to stop other families going through what I have, and b) to make my son proud. That’s my drive. When something like what happened to me happens, you’ve got choices to make: you can fold and collapse and just not want to go on, or you can find a reason to turn it into something really positive and that’s what I decided to do.

“We started out own little mini-Strictly on a local basis as a fundraising thing. We got people in our community, like the headteacher of the local high school and the chief of police, talked them into being our celebs and teamed them up with dance partners. And of course everybody in the police force wants to come and see them dance, everyone in that school, and so it sold out.

“We’re now 10 years down the line and have 21 charities on board and they’ve shared roughly £300,000 now, all because of Strictly. So you ask me if I’m a Strictly fan? Big time.

“I can move, I’ve got rhythm, but it’s not necessarily in the right order. Because we’re asking people to go out of their comfort zone, my wife and I open the shows with a wee dance. I’ve dropped her twice, live on stage. It’s a great talent for a wife to have, to be able to bounce…”

Feb 17, 2015
Aliona Vilani Online

This years Strictly Christmas Special saw Aliona partner Strictly Champion Louis Smith and together they performed a truly spectacular quickstep to ‘Jingle Bells’ which won them the Strictly Christmas Special 2014 trophy



Congratulations to Aliona and Louis on their Christmas Win

Dec 29, 2014
Aliona Vilani Online

Aliona is supporting Give Hunger The Boot


Give Hunger the Boot is our annual campaign where schools, churches and community groups across the UK don their wellies and take part in fun activities to raise funds for our work in eastern Africa, helping farmers Give Hunger the Boot, for good.


Whilst I absolutely adore wearing some of the beautiful shoes we get to perform in as a professional dancer, there’s something lovely about being able to have a day in casual wellies – just don’t ask me to do the foxtrot in them! This is such a fun and easy campaign to become involved in, and I’d urge everyone to ‘Give Hunger the Boot at Work’ by ditching their glamorous shoes for a pair of wellies for the day. That one thing could really make a real impact on the global problem of hunger, which kills more people than AIDS, TB and malaria combined.

Aliona Vilani – dancer

Click on the link to find out how YOU can help

Sep 23, 2014
Aliona Vilani Online